5 years old Finnish Spitz looking for a new home

Braeldi’s Lady Autumn is looking for her very own home.
She does not like dog shows, so she would like a family without children or with teenagers. She loves chasing birds, hunting for rodents and picking apples off the apple tree. She enjoys long walks as well as sleeping on the couch while you watch tv.

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  1. Kaija Savinainen-Mountain on Reply

    Hello there,
    My goodness Autumn is a beautiful lady. I would love to provide her with her forever home. My husband and I live on farm, southwest of Ottawa. Jim is retired and I work partime, so there is always someone home. How is she with horses, cats, chickens and two small dogs?
    Over the years our place has been home/a refuge to a number of large dogs; several huskies (dumped), an elkhound (from a breeder), a greyhound (retired from racetrack), a lost hound who stayed and our most recent dogs are two little ones (terrier sheltie mixes?). I walk and run daily with our two little dogs avereging 6-10km.
    I am not looking to breed her or go to any dog shows, just to provide her with a great home. I grew up in Sweden and Finland where we always had a Karelian Beardog.
    If you have any further questions, please feel free to do so.
    Thank you,

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