Why become a member of the CFSC?

The membership to the CFSC is open to anyone who is interested in Finnish Spitz, whether they are owners or not.  Members must be in good standing with this club and with the Canadian Kennel Club.  It is not necessary to be a C.K.C. member to join the Canadian Finnish Spitz Club. Untitled-1-copy

Members will received The Red Letter, who is published 3-4 times a year, unless enough material is received to increase the number of publications.  The deadline is the 15th of the month preceding publication.

Members are allow to advertise in The Red Letter.
Advertising rates:  $10.00 for a full page full colour page.  Business card directory:  $10.00 for a full year.

Contributions:  Send any articles, photos and news to the editor.  Please obtain permission to use any reprint information.  The right of discretionary editing of articles is reserved.  The publishing of any article does not necessarily imply the approval of, or the opinion of, the editor or any member of the Canadian Finnish Spitz Club.

Breed inquiries are welcome.  Owners are encouraged to share their experiences with the breed with other Finnish Spitz fanciers through The Red Letter.

Support, encouragement, education, guidance, sharing …

Membership categories

Regular : $15.00  / $16.00 when using Paypal*

Regular member: Any person interested in the Finnish Spitz who is sixteen (16) years of age or over. Regular members enjoy all of the privileges of the Club, including voting and nomination privilèges.

Familly : $25.00  / $26.00 when using Paypal*

A family membership is available for two or more named adults, or adult(s) and children under sixteen (16), residing in the same household. (Common law or same sex households are included within this definition.) A family membership will be provided one copy of the Club newsletter. Any adult household member is eligible to stand for office, subject to other constitutional limitations, but only one vote per family membership will be permitted.

Junior : $10.00  / $11.00 when using Paypal*

Junior members are under sixteen (16) years of age. Junior members receive the Club newsletter and may work on committees; they may not vote, hold office, nominate candidates to office, or chair a committee. Upon reaching sixteen (16) years of age they may convert to regular membership.

Breeder: $50.00  / $52.00 when using Paypal*

Any Finnish Spitz breeder who is sixteen (16) years of age or over. Breeder members enjoy all of the privileges of Regular Members plus a personal page for their Kennel in the Breeder referral section and all their litters advertised  on the CFSC’s website in the News and in the Find a Puppy section.


Please make cheque or money order payable to the Canadian Finnish Spitz Club, in Canadian funds, and send your cheque along with the application form to :

Taru Korrensuo
Treasurer, CFSC
13013 Degraff Road
Mission, BC V2V 7K7

Or send your payment using Paypal


*Note that an extra charge is added when using Paypal