trainingThe Finnish Spitz is an independent, strong-willed, sensitive and intelligent dog. He must be trained with a soft voice and  positive reinforcement methods because he will not respond well to harsh training methods.

With patience and calm yet firm handling, your Finnish Spitz will become a wonderful companion.



One Comes, the Other Doesn’t
What to do if your dog won’t come when called

This article published in 1988 in the AKC’s gazette is still pretty accurate. In this article wrote with humor and love you will find the tips your need and information you must know when owning a Finnish Spitz. Our funny red dog is well known for being a runner… No your Finnish Spitz is not the only one and you will be pleased to learn more about it with Carol Lea Benjamin.

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Why I don’t like Harnesses for our dogs

There is a trend in dog training and in dog care that tells us that we should never hurt our dogs. As a result I am seeing more and more people using harnesses on their dogs. They tell me it is because when they tried to first use a collar, the dog was choking and acting as if it was hurt. Advice at the pet store was to try a harness. So even very young puppies are wearing harnesses and the truth is, they are never being trained to walk politely on a leash…

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