Our Introduction

Our Mission

  • To promote and encourage the sustained quality of purebred Finnish Spitz in Canada.
  • To educate the Canadian public on the qualities and the standard of the Finnish Spitz breed. 
  • To encourage Finnish Spitz breeders and owners in Canada to respect the breed standard, to protect, maintain and breed Finnish Spitz dogs according to its standard and to establish responsible breeding practices.
  • To organize sanctioned events, such as specialty conformation shows, sanctioned matches and obedience trials under the rules of the CKC and to support the entry of Finnish Spitz at all-breed shows in Canada.
Our Executive

President : Steffanie Costigan

Vice President :  Stéphanie Leseure Paciullo

Secretary & Treasurer : Taru Korrensuo

Directors : 

  • Larry Hyink – BC
  • Cristy Baldo – BC
  • Denise Friesen – SK
  • Tracey Levesque – ON
  • Eileen Patterson – NS
Our Newsletter Editors

  • Elke Brase
  • Stéphanie Leseure
Our Webmaster

  • Stéphanie Leseure
    Breeder at Inugami Finnish Spitz and active supporter of the CFSC since 2014